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SVUGA logoThe listing of Silicon Valley User Group Activities is now included as part of this SVCS.NET website.  You may still reach the listing at SVUGA.ORG or by clicking on either the logo at the left or on the 'Meetings' tab above.

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SVCS has temporarily ceased active meetings due to a lack of SIG leaders. If you are interested in leading any of the SIGs please contact us. 



Beginning with our August 6th Build It Yourself SIG, we will be meeting in the Second Floor Conference Room of the Central Computers building. We wish to thank Craig Yeung, the General Manager, for graciously offering to host our meetings.  Central Computers is located on Stevens Creek Blvd, easily accessible from the Saratoga Avenue exit on I-280. (Map to the store). There is parking available behind the building

To inaugurate our new location, we will be having pizza and drinks at 6:30PM before the meeting.  If you plan to attend PLEASE CLICK HERE TO RSVP so we will know how much pizza to have.

Social Boomers

We like a recent ad where a "youngster" talks about how isolated her parents are because they only have 19 friends on their page and she has over 650.  But the parents are out with friends while she's stuck in front of her screen.  And the recent post by a 25-year-old social media "expert" who said no one over 30 should be hired to manage the stuff because folks like her grew up knowing social media from day one.  Of course we grew up with sound barrier planes and rockets that went to the moon doesn't mean we have any experience in handling them.  Don't put boomers in a box Gen X/Yers because they have the money and the experience.  And when pre-teens, teens who want to buy stuff they reach out to boomers online and in person.  Things happen faster than you can post/tweet!   Read more... 

MicroCenter Santa Clara Has Closed

The MicroCenter store in Santa Clara closed on Monday, July 23rd. Reportedly, the property owner was asking for an exhorbitant increase in rent and they were unable to negotiate a renewal of their lease.

Needless to say, we at SVCS are saddened by this event, not only because MicroCenter has hosted our meetings for almost 10 years, but because we have made many friends among the managers and staff of the store and have been warmly received by them. The store was an outstanding resource for all computer users, and especially for those of us geeks immersed in the details of computer systems and applications. Our very special thanks go to Red Calub (Operations Manager), Dan Gallo (General Manager) and Knowledge Experts Michael O'Leary and Davon Wong for all of their help over the years.

The Fine Line

Innovation has got to be one of the most used, overused words in the 21st century.  No one simply produces a new, better product...they innovated, changed the entire industry.   They totally reshaped your universe while you were asleep last evening.  Innovation doesn't necessarily mean a new product/solution that will turn the earth on its ear.  It's a new, better way of looking at what you're using, doing in a totally different way.  Sometimes - ok lots of times - you look at what Apple, Samsung have done and you say "big deal."  But it's the elegance of what they achieved that you can use immediately and it feels as though you've always done it that way...that's true innovation at its best.    Read more... 


Twitter - 140 characters you can shoot from the hip with the blink of an eye (and people do) and hit your foot BAM!!!!.  The social media whatever has done a lot of good and brought embarassment to more folks than you can count.  We've got an account gathering dust somewhere but we're shy...bashful...quiet.  That and you just know some Twitterer will make the most of it and spread it around the globe at Internet speeds.  Guess Twitter can be fun but just remember if you're heavy into its use and proud of it, it's all about you.  If it was really meant to help folks then more companies would have people actually respond when customers have a problem/issue.   But it's so tough when they're busy Twitterin about...themselves!   Read more... 

FBI warns many won’t have Web access on July 9th

An estimated 330,000 people are going to lose Internet access on Monday, but it’s unlikely that they haven’t already been warned. Google, Facebook and many ISPs have been sending out alerts to users who appear to be infected with a malware Trojan known as DNSChanger.

To verify any particular computer’s status, users should visit or (for the United States and Canada, respectively) for an automatic checkup. Additional countries and further information can be found at the DNSChanger Working Group’s site.

Green Boomers

Your grandparents probably retired at a respectable age, maybe your parents did as well.  But while today's boomers may be looking at retirement it's in the long, distant future.  There are a lot of reasons including feeling more youthful and a retirement fund that is upside-down.  In addition, companies are anxious to hang onto their most valuable resource - the accumulated experience and expertise.  Today's boomers not only focus on staying mentally, physically fit they also focus on staying abreast of and mastering our increasingly diverse, complex personal, home technologies.  Seems like they won't go quietly or gently... Read more...

Teens, Video

Someone probably told you once that TV would rot your brain well it didn't (hopefully) so it probably won't do the teens of today in either.  They sure get more video content than we did at their age.  They've got screens everywhere -- the theater for a date, TVs around the house, their iPads, their smartphones.   They've got all the channels including YouTube.  Sometimes they have the home set, tablet, phone going all at once on different "channels."  At some level they're even absorbing it all.

Boy they've got it so good...we guess!   Read more... 

Change Makers

Perhaps the most difficult position to fill in any company today is the head of marketing.  Sure there are a lot of people who want the job but finding the individual who's right for your organization is difficult.  It isn't how they look on paper.  It isn't how well they performed at their last job.  It's a mixture of hard and soft experience and expertise that helps them build a strong team of individuals who can determine what is beyond the horizon and can help the company achieve its goals.  The best marketing executives encourage and help people do more than they thought possible.  He/she lets people stumble, analyze their mistakes, learn and grow.  The best marketing person is known by the team he/she builds, keeps.   Read more... 


Social Media Mix

We know folks who swear social media was developed so that they could run their ads, their publicity in your social network of friends/family.  Sorta like their coming to your party, handing out sales brochures and waiting at the door to collect your orders.   But a few firms are finding that social media can actually change and improve their complete business model. It can bring all of the parties - suppliers, internal staff, channel partners, customers closer together.  It's called social business and will turn everything inside out...for the better for everyone.  It's way beyond you, your friends, your family, getting together online.  And it will be a whole lot different from most of the social marketing we see today.  It'll be an improvement just difficult for people who like control, authority.    Read more...
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